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Act Natural

Why Ngeringa?

We admire Ngeringa for their determination to their philosophies. Not only are they one of Australia’s pioneering organic and biodynamic wineries, but they are also estate made and bottled, meaning the wines are made and packaged as close to where they are grown as possible. While this is not the easiest option, it is the most considered for the environment, something that Ngeringa encourages us to consider in every part of our lives. 

Moreover, during the recent coronavirus lockdown, Ngeringa began offering vegetable boxes of organic and biodynamic vegetables to help locals stay healthy and safe at home – an initiative that will continue. A few of these boxes certainly helped sustain the Sometimes Always team!



Winemaker Erinn Klein and co-founder Janet Klein started Ngeringa in 2001 from part of the famous Jurlique herb farm, which was run by Erinn’s parents. Given Erinn grew up on the organic and biodynamic Jurlique farm, it wasn’t an option for Erinn to start a winery using any other philosophy. While biodynamic wines try to champion the vineyard as much as possible, it’s undoubtedly the result of the hard work of the winemaker and viticulturists in the vineyard.
This includes following the guidelines of biodynamics and the preparations for the vineyard, without any crutches of chemicals, insecticides or fertilizers. Erinn’s commitment to these methods and keeping everything as close to the estate as possible can be attributed to Ngeringa’s long lasting success and impact.
“Given Erinn grew up on the organic and biodynamic Jurlique farm, it wasn’t an option for Erinn to start a winery using any other philosophy.”

Ngeringa’s five hectare Mount Barker vineyards, The Summit and The Rufus, are nestled within the 75 hectare farm, with The Iluma Vineyard just two kilometres away in Nairne. Ngeringa is a fully functioning farm with a holistic approach, meaning every animal and vegetation has their role to play in helping the vines, such as helping to create vineyards’ compost. Having complete ownership of the vineyards has led to Ngeringa’s ability to stick to their guns and create the wines they want to, their way. Their revegetation program with Trees For Life is another initiative they are leading the way with to ensure a more sustainable future.
Winemaking Philosophy

Organic and biodynamic philosophies are a relatively new phenomenon in Australia. However, Ngeringa are one of the country’s oldest, being certified biodynamic for over 20 years, making them a pioneer in the field and someone to look up to when it comes to treating the land with care and consideration. Biodynamics take careful consideration into the role that nature plays in the winemaking process, with the ultimate goal to leave the land in better condition from when you found it.

It makes sense that healthy soils will make quality fruit, leading to better wines. It’s about future-proofing our environment for years to come and being more aware about what we choose to drink and why we choose to drink it. Something to mull over while enjoying a glass, perhaps?

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