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Peaches and cream, salt and pepper, Paul and Willy — not sold separately. Friendship is at the heart of this Burgundian Domaine. AMI is a wine project from Paul Marchand-Perarnau and Willy Roulendes. Set amongst the mosaic of Côte de Beaune's Premier Cru vineyards and fields of butter-yellow sunflowers. 

Willy works the vines while Paul’s expertise shines in the cellar. Their progressive lineup of natural wines is hopelessly devoted to terroir, from Grand Cru to villages and everything in between.

The pair met and worked together at Clos du Moulin aux Moines in Auxey-Durresses. Parting ways after two years to gain experience in other regions, Paul left for Domaine Hauvette in Provence but eventually found himself vinifying under the Mediterranean sun. Willy remained at Clos du Moulin, honing his winemaking skills and deeping his knowledge of the local terroir.

Reuniting to make wines on their own accord, they landed on 2.5 hectares on the limestone slopes of the Maranges Valley. In addition to growing their own, they purchase organic and biodynamic grapes from neighbouring villages in the Côte-d'Or. Their first vintage was produced in 2014, and they have since etched their names deep into Burgundian clay. This is organic, sustainable winemaking, where weeds are left to sprawl between vines and nature is left to run its natural course.

There is something in the simplicity of trusting their palates, sourcing the best fruit and adapting to the grape. Without the frills, good wine tastes of exceptional grapes and expert winemaking.
Fruit is naturally fermented without temperature control using indigenous yeast. Rarely fined or filtered and always fermented in old barrels (never new oak), lending to a fruitier style wine.

The reds macerate for around 10-15 days and are aged for a year. While the white varieties are kept on lees, without bâtonnage, to create a silky texture and linear acidity. Each release pushes our expectation of what a natural Burgundy can be.

AMI wines are stashed in caves beneath the streets of Paris, and given pride of place in bars, bottle shops and restaurants globally. The thirsty bunch that we are, we’re pretty pleased to take a share too.
There is something in the simplicity of trusting their palates, sourcing the best fruit and adapting to the grape.

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