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Sometimes Always is a boutique online bottle shop for interesting drinks from all walks of life and schools of thought. We feature lo-fi cult producers alongside proven classics that no wine collection would be complete without.


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French Lo-Fi Gems

Add Little. Gain Plenty.

Prefer wines with a Lo-Fi, Natural, Minimal Additions approach, where what the winemaker leaves out matters?


Browse the extensive collection of wines where the winemakers have a hands off approach, featuring Red, White, Skin Contact and Fizz from both Australia and abroad.


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Feature Producers

Parley Wine

Born amongst the chaos of 2020, Sarah Feehan, Jocelyn Mihalynuk and Mel Gray created Parley for the love of collaboration. Meeting organically during vintage, an effortless female bond and the Basket Range natural wine community laid the groundwork for a community-driven operation that’s about as wholesome as they come.

Lulu Vigneron

Known by the playful nickname of Lulu, Ludwig Bindernagel had his heart taken by Burgundy before landing in the nearby Jura region. Quickly becoming a local loyalist and passionately cultivating the region’s stalwart grapes, Savagnin, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Lulu found success in a decidedly hands-on vineyard, hands-off winery approach. Playful by name, playfully puritan by nature, Lulu’s lo-fi approach transports us to the Jura a bottle at a time.


While South Africa have a long established winemaking history, making wine before Australia was even settled, innovation and progressive styles of the New World has only really been (tentatively) explored since the 1990s at the end of Apartheid. And that doesn’t mean it’s been embraced. Testalonga are leading the way in terms of exciting and experimental winemaking for the conservative country, which is gathering global recognition.

Gut Oggau

There are a lot of great family stories in wine, yet few play into the family dynamic quite like Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck’s Gut Oggau. Hold onto your hats and let’s teleport to Burgenland, Austria’s most eastern and castle-populated state. Released and distributed in tiny quantities, we’re pretty stoked to be able to share these Austrian characters with our own wine family. It’s time you get acquainted.

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