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Barossa's Past, Present and Future

Torbreck are a special winery as they have not only set their goal for perfection but actually have perfection within their grasp.

Their commitment to Barossa’s past, present and future is admirable. With Torbreck around, the Barossan,  South Australian and Australian winemaking reputations are in safe hands.

Barossa born and bred, Ian Hongell joined Torbreck as chief winemaker in 2016. While many may be daunted to make changes to a winery with such a stellar reputation, Ian has instead made some clever decisions towards ensuring Torbreck wines remain relevant with modern winemaking tastes.

In particular, Torbreck wines now use very little new oak and no American oak, a winemaking choice that many fans of the classic Barossa shiraz would think unusual.

However, under Ian’s expert guardianship, there is very little cause for concern and much to enjoy.

Classic Barossa

After working in many of the Barossa’s oldest vineyards for years, Torbreck have been selected as the custodian of a few key vineyards – a task they take very seriously. Their commitment to preserving the centurion vines is a hallmark of the brand and considered must-haves for any serious collector around the world.

Considering centurion vines are a particularly Australian winemaking concept, their research and development make them world leaders in the field. Moreover, while honouring the past, they are also looking to the future – nurturing younger vines so that they too can reach old age and be just as special as the vines that came before them.

In order to fully represent the glory of the vines and Barossa as the region in every wine, a minimal intervention winemaking philosophy is embraced. This way, the winemakers are able to ensure that the flavours of the Torbreck vineyards are able to be locked in the bottle, capturing a unique sense of place.


Furthermore, Torbreck are also completely vinified and bottled on the estate, meaning the wine never travels far from where it was picked until it is finished in bottle. This helps promote a more sustainable way of winemaking whilst maintaining control and purity. This purity is what is so well respected,  and so sought-after, all over the world. And will be for generations to come.

“With Torbreck around, the Barossan,  South Australian and Australian winemaking reputations are in safe hands.”

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