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Momento Mori

Momento Mori
Death is coming for us all, but in the meantime, there’s wine to be had. Momento Mori Wines, founded by husband and wife team Dane and Hannah Johns, centres an ethos of respect for the living (from plants to people).

a fertile oasis

Based in the fertile oasis that is Gippsland, Victoria, the pair farm their own vineyards in adherence to strict organic principles, sourcing fruit from like-minded types across the state. If their wines were people, they’d be yoga-doing, limber types with dirt under their fingernails.

They’re not people though, so cutting the nonsense, they’re small-batch fermented, using wild yeasts, no oak and no additions (yes, they’re bold enough to eschew SO2, a rare breed).We love what they’re doing for the unique personality brought to each and every bottling. Dane cut his teeth alongside some big hitters, the likes of Bill Downie and Adam Marks.
Technical nous marries the spirit of a creative, and built on a foundation of high-quality fruit, it’s little wonder that the wines coming out of Momento Mori are building a cult-following, with devotees drawn to the freshness and lively energy promised. Idiosyncrasies of place pop through.

Sourcing some fruit from further afield, Dane and Hannah farm two sites independently; one on the steep hills of the Strezelecki Ranges in Gippsland, and another beneath the Black Snake Ranges in the Tonimbuk Valley. If you’ve tried one Momento Mori wine, you’ve tried one Momento Mori wine– the others are just as likely to surprise.
Death is coming for us all, but in the meantime, there’s wine to be had.

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