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Latta Vino

Latta Vino

Forget the fact that Owen Latta was raised amid some of the best winemaking going on in the Pyrenees region, he’s blazing his own trail now. We’re onboard. Let’s go.

His label Latta Vino is bending genres, pushing boundaries, perfecting some zero-sulphur staples, and generally churning out some of the most detail-driven and fresh wines in Australia right now.

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When his family planted their Eastern Peake vineyards back in the early 1980s, they did so against the trends, armed with a knowledge of Old World techniques and a focus on nature. Those philosophies live on in Owen’s approach today.

A deep respect for the soil and organic farming practices, whether his wines come from neighbouring properties and revered rows he’s always admired or the home dirt under his feet.

Sophisticated yet soulfully playful, made with nothing but beautiful fruit, sourced from growers who shirk formalities to relinquish their fruit over a cup of tea and a handshake. These are wines that make us stop and remember how privileged we are to be drinking them. Take a moment.

Unique drinking of great intrigue, heart and authenticity, there is so much to explore in Owen Latta’s lineup of Latta Vino wines. They pique your interest and keep you fixated, no matter where your tasting persuasions lie. A boundary pusher of utmost quality, classic and innovative all at once.

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