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Guest Selector ➺ Annette Lacey MW

Guest Selector ➺ Annette Lacey MW

As Group Beverage Manager of the illustrious Solotel Group in Sydney, Annette Lacey MW is responsible for the drinks lists at some of the most highly regarded venues in the country, from Matt Moran’s Aria perched on Sydney’s Circular Quay to the famous Sydney Opera House Bar and Opera Kitchen to farm to plate restaurant Chiswick and the multilevel BEA - the list goes on...

Annette has earnt a hugely impressive amount of top-tier qualifications and awards to date, including winning the Vin de Champagne Awards and being selected for the Len Evans Tutorial. Currently, Annette also lends her expertise as an educator to the Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and is a mentor for the internationally renowned Masters of Wine program.

Master of Wine

The Masters of Wine Exam isn't simply a test; it is the culmination of a lifetime commitment to wine.  There are currently only 419 successful MW’s (Masters of Wine) worldwide, and with a slim 5% pass rate, participants spend their lives and livelihoods studying to sit this exam. After a no doubt arduous journey, Annette Lacey passed in 2020 to become only the 29th MW in Australia. Ever.

Annette is undoubtedly one of the leading wine experts in Australia (and the world), and we are delighted to have her as this month's Guest Selector. Annette has put together a unique 6-Pack, presenting a cross-section of some of her favourite wines and producers, highlighting differences and making comparisons of Old World European winemaking and more modern winemaking styles here in Australia. Annette has kindly included personal comparisons and anecdotes for each wine and pairing. Enjoy!

Friulano vs Friulano

To compare these two beauties, Friulano, the variety shines through in both examples- the richness and textural qualities of the variety are seen by the saline savoury notes in both
styles, balanced with ripe fruit and pithy textural finish. The oak treatment on the Castellada shows the versatility of this variety, adding an extra layer of structure and complexity.
“Some of my favourite wines are here from a cross-section of countries to see who does it better, or should I say who does it differently!”

Savagnin vs Savagnin

I really like the way the influence of the veil adds to these wines, perfectly suited to Savagnin- Chardonnay blend, where the NW wine has truly embraced the traditional Jura winemaking style. The veil adds complex nutty notes, whilst the Savagnin acidity cuts through the richness of these styles.

Nebbiolo vs Nebbiolo

The NW wine is a modern style that allows the variety to shine. The fruit is more evident in the NW wine compared to the OW Nebbiolo, but it has the structure to support. Both examples speak of their origins and both offer a point of difference.

Wine List