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NON Selection 3-Pack (Non-Alcoholic)


Enjoy three of our favourite NON non-alcoholic beverages, curated by us, for you, in a tasty little 3-pack. 

Non alcoholic and bursting with flavour, this is made to drink like a natural sparking wine. It’s got everything you might look for in pet-nat bubbles - dry fruits, intriguing length, and pretty liveliness. The raspberry components come from New Zealand, and the chamomile is sourced and cupped by Non’s tea sommelier.

NON No.2
Well-thought out flavour profiles in this non-alcoholic juice, expect fizz like cider or beer, with Australian pears doing the heavy lifting. Throw in some kombu of Japan, and you get minerality and salinity. Rounding it off is black tea for aromatics, spice, complexity and structure. It’s a soft drink, but it isn’t.

NON No.5
The latest release from NON – the premium non-alcoholic brainchild of former Noma head chef William Wade and business partner Aaron Trotman is in collaboration with Carlton coffee and tea specialists, Assembly. This one has notes of lemon marmalade and hibiscus, is slightly carbonated and has a profile similar to a sour beer. 

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