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Sometimes Always

Lo-Fi Red Selection 6-Pack


A weird and wonderful selection of Lo-Fi reds where wild is good and funk is even better. We’re talking small producers and even smaller batches - unconventional wines made with minimal intervention and maximum love. Get adventurous and join the natural/lo-fi wine movement because it's a riot in your mouth.
Claus Preisinger Puszta Libre! Zweigelt / St Laurent / Pinot Noir 2020
Delinquente Roxanne the Razor Negroamaro / Nero d'Avola 2021
Vallee du Venom Syrah 2021
Scintilla Augie's Afterglow Tempranillo / Shiraz 2021
Italian Plastic Pinot Noir / Pinot Meunier 2021
Das Juice Red Blend 2021

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