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Parley Wine

Love of Collaboration

you can get anything done with the help of your friends

Born amongst the chaos of 2020, Sarah Feehan, Jocelyn Mihalynuk and Mel Gray created Parley for the love of collaboration.

Sarah had previously released under her own label, Operatif, while Mel is a gun viticulture and oenology student at Adelaide Uni, working at Commune of Buttons, while Joss was juggling four jobs like a champ. Meeting organically during vintage, an effortless female bond and the Basket Range natural wine community laid the groundwork for a community-driven operation that’s about as wholesome as they come.

Working around full-time jobs, partners and kids to release four exhilarating, easy-drinking natural wines, these warm-hearted role models show that you can get anything done with the help of your friends. 

Masters of the Balance

between intelligent input, natural expression and artful delivery.

Making skinsy wines to sip in the sun without pretence, Sarah, Jocelyn and Mel have quickly become masters of the balance between intelligent input, natural expression and artful delivery.

Borrowing the facilities of Gentle Folk, Borachio and Commune of Buttons alike, they completed their first vintage in 2020 with fruit sourced primarily from Fiona Woods of McLaren Vale’s Top Range vineyard. The crew have since set up their own home base, happily connecting and producing out of their humble winery shed/clubhouse in Forest Range, Adelaide Hills. Offering up their Forest Range winery shed to other small winemaking getups, in short, it’s a hub of vibrant, soulful female winemaking energy, and we’re absolutely here for it.

Leaning into whole bunch pressing, wild ferments and skin contact funk, their natural wines celebrate the nuances of each special parcel of fruit. Limited by nature and with playfully stimulating labels designed by Jocelyn, their 2021 release included the whole bunch Capitaine Chardonnay, serious(ly) fun Love Supreme Rosé, and the finessed yet stone fruit loaded Golden Hour Sauvignon Blanc.