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Thoughtfully-crafted bottles

If you haven’t met many Beechworth wines, this is a brilliant place to start.

By no means in his career infancy, Peter Graham has called Beechworth home for well over a decade, working as assistant winemaker for a lucky thirteen years at the infamous Giaconda under industry legend Rick Kinzbrünnner.

Vintages abroad cemented his love for Rhone varietals and slow, thoughtful production, while hust 3km down the road from Giaconda he has landed, establishing Domenica in 2012 and forging a legacy as a cool climate specialist in his own right.

Part of Graham’s appeal is the intelligence expressed in each hard-won, thoughtfully-crafted bottle. His wine smarts mean that he only produces with the very best fruit, creating what has fast become frenzied demand for his super limited supply of four core wines.

We’ll happily take what we can get from Peter Graham, and are over the moon to offer our Sometimes Always mates the complete Domenica core offering, plus a couple more for good measure. But don’t dilly dally, these quantities are seriously miniscule.


Roussanne / Marsanne 2019

Why We Love This Wine

Favouring Rhone varieties in Beechworth, Victoria, Peter Graham’s take on this white blend is a textural cracker that lets the intricacies of each variety shine through. Ten months in older oak ties together a plethora of blossom and open market spice, with that regional minerality courtesy of granitic soils. So elegant, so worth your time.
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The tastiest expression of Beechworth

From flavour to structure, the wines of Domenica are guided by the natural power of its terrain.

Rising 460m above sea level to the south-west of Beechworth, Domenica finds its home on a granitic ridge, setting up a portfolio of textural, organic wines with minerality running through their, red, white and rosé-coloured veins.

Peter Graham has five low-yielding hectares under vine. Favouring Rhone varietals and more traditional techniques, he makes glorious single vineyard expressions of Chardonnay and Shiraz, and blends Roussanne and Marsanne like a Frenchman.

Nebbiolo is also on the menu, Graham producing both an arresting, fragrant yet dry Nebbiolo Rosé, and tiny quantities of impressively varietal, rustic Nebbiolo.

Using natural yeast and bottling wines unfiltered is a given, while playing around with solids, lees and pressings are all in a day’s work for a man inspired by the Old World, yet driven by one key motivation: Creating the tastiest expression of Beechworth.