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Guest Selector ➺ Kylie Javier Ashton

A Calling Found

Born and raised in Sydney, Kylie Javier Ashton’s pride and passion for the Australian hospitality industry is unmatched.
Coming from a Filipino family, food has always been an important part of her life, supporting her drive for the industry and inevitably helped her find her calling.

Working at some of Australia’s most revered restaurants including the award winning Tetsuya’s, two-hatted Bentley Restaurant, and most recently the General Manager at the Sydney edition of Chef David Chang’s empire- Momofuku Seiōbo.
Telling stories through food and wine experiences is Kylie’s specialty, and she has extended this creativity to her own brand, a series of hand dyed napkins and homewares under the label KJ.LA.

Sometimes Always

Kylie Javier Ashton 6-Pack


For Kylie Javier Ashton, wine is not to be over thought or over complicated. She believes some of the best wine discoveries have come through the people and places that have unknowingly inspired us.  

This six pack is Kylie's homage to those cherished memories of some of her favourite people.


2020 Cobaw Ridge, Il Pinko Pet Nat
2020 COS, Rami Grecanico / Izolia
2021 Stargazer, Single Vineyard Riesling
2018 Vigneau Chevreau, Vouvray Clos Rougemont Chenin Blanc
2017 Eastern Peake, Walsh Block Syrah
2019 The Somm And The Winemaker, Mourvèdre


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“For me, wine is about conviviality. I don’t like to overthink it and the best discoveries have come through the people and places that inspire me.”

Unrivalled Commitment

Her vocation to all things food and beverage has granted her the opportunity to judge several well recognised competitions such as Appetite for Excellence, Drink Easy Awards and Diageo World Class Australia.

Kylie has been deservingly recognised for her contribution to the food and hospitality industry and was named Restaurant Manager of the Year 2017 by Women in Foodservice, nominated for Gourmet Traveller’s 2018 Maître D’ of the Year honour, and awarded the Citi Service Excellence Award 2018 by SMH Good Food Guide.

We at Sometimes Always love Kylie’s ethos. Her support and education in hospitality to others is inspiring, all the while bringing an injection of excitement and unrivalled passion to the Australian wine and hospitality industry.

Explore Kylie's Selection

Cobaw Ridge, Il Pinko Pet Nat 2020

My husband Luke Ashton owned one of my favourite bars called This Must Be The Place. The bar was painted a blush pink, and there was a genuine sense of creativity mixed with generous hospitality. I got to put the Cobaw Pet Nat on the wine list, and this wine reminds me of Sunday afternoons sitting in the bar with Luke and our friends.

COS, Rami Grecanico / Izolia 2020

The first restaurant I managed was called Duke Bistro where Mitch Orr and Thomas Lim were head chefs, and the Cos Rami was on our wine list before skin contact wines were cool. Like Duke, this wine is a little edgy but also fun.

Stargazer, Single Vineyard Riesling 2021

I didn’t know how good riesling could be until I met Max Gurtler. Max is one of Sydney’s most exciting Sommeliers, but he’s also someone that has impeccable taste, is multifaceted, versatile and has longevity. Just like riesling.

Vigneau Chevreau, Vouvray Clos Rougemont Chenin Blanc 2018

This wine reminds me of my partner-in-crime Paul Carmichael. For starters, he LOVES CHENIN. Both Paul and this Chenin are complex, yet approachable. There’s also a self-assuredness that catches people off guard and that is undeniably delicious.

Eastern Peake, Walsh Block Syrah 2017

Ambrose Chiang was one of our Sommeliers at Momofuku Seiobo and is a dear friend of mine. He is an unassuming, kind soul but one that is incredibly talented and makes a huge impact on those who meet him. He also introduced me to Owen Latta’s wines and I think the two of them have a lot in common.

The Somm And The Winemaker, Mourvèdre 2019

I love that this wine is created by two badass women in the wine industry. I also love that this wine is serious but easy to enjoy. Don’t overthink it, just drink it.