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Guest Selector ➺ Alex Kirkwood

Dinner Party 6-Pack

With a passion for accumulating knowledge and hands-on skills, hospitality was always going to be the main game for Sommelier Alex Kirkwood even from an early age. 

Over the past 15 years Alex has proven himself time and time again within the hospitality hall of fame. His most recent venture has seen him take on the role of General Manager and Head Sommelier at Sydney’s Aria. Owned by renowned chef, Matt Moran and Overlooking the Iconic Sydney harbour bridge- Aria has been an institute for fine dining in Australia for over 20 years running.  

Alex has worked with some of Australia’s most awarded wine programs, notably two-hatted Rockpool Bar and Grill, the picturesque three-hatted Quay and has been shaping the Aria wine program since 2016.

Sometimes Always

Alex Kirkwood Dinner Party 6-Pack


The ever-creative Alex Kirkwood has gifted us with a carefully curated ‘dinner party’ 6-pack giving you the full Aria experience in the comfort of your home.

Host a night to remember with this start-to-finish diverse selection of drinks. With everything from bright and zingy pet-nat, to barrel-aged beer and Japanese whisky, this is a Sometimes Always debut of not-just-wine.




2021 Gilbert Riesling Pet Nat 

2021 Nick Spencer Tumbarumba Chardonnay 

2017 Giovanni Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo 

2020 Wildflower St Florence Semillon Wild Ale

NV Henriques & Henriques Rainwater Medium Dry Madeira 

NAS Sunday’s Whisky Are Better Than Others

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A Night To Remember

A passion for vinous treats has led Alex across the world to some of his favourite wine regions to better understand and discover local offerings. Not to mention, chasing the world’s great beverages leads you to some rather incredible locations and characters within the industry.

Alex’s selection for this month’s pack is the kind of thing we at Sometimes Always love. Featuring local producers, left of centre selections and up and coming cult favourites, all with his personal food recommendations- this is sure to be a night to remember!

“From an early age, hospitality was always going to be the game.”

Explore The Dinner Party Selection

Gilbert Riesling Pet Nat 2021

“Pet-Nat is well and truly amongst us, and now, a staple bubbly in wine bars (wine fridges for now) around Aus. This is definitely one of the better-made versions and a great example as to all the hype of the category in recent times. Extremely approachable, clean and packed full of citrus, so the perfect way to enter the party.

I am thinking you would want to grab a glass and have a wander over to the seafood tower for this one.”

Nick Spencer Tumbarumba Chardonnay 2021

“Nick has been flying the flag and bringing attention to some of our under appreciated regions in NSW for a number of years. This Chardonnay is a perfect example of why we should be paying more attention to our own backyard as it showcases the true potential of Tumbarumba. With citrus and orchard fruit on the nose, the weight is spot on, with just enough generosity, light spice note and that flinty edge we love, all kept tightly in shape by that cool climate acidity.

Assuming you will be serving a white flesh fillet of fish that isn’t afraid of a little splash of butter with this.”

Giovanni Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

“Over the last few years this producer is finding more and more shelf space in the cellar. The release of the 13’s certainly made me take notice and have been a real highlight more and more each year. Packed full of interest there is so much to enjoy for the level of classification and everything you want in a glass of Nebb. Aromatics leap from the glass with bright cherry, strawberry and red petals. As always, pure and focused with a delightful grip of tannin which reminds you this is the real deal. Very light whiff of tobacco adds to the spice and fungus undercurrent here.

This screams classics and carving a spice rubbed duck fillet for this would be a real treat.”

Wildflower St Phoebe 375ml 2020

“Honestly, what a co-lab! Tyrrell’s have since my very early days in wine been up there as a very favourite in Aussie wine and when Topher started making waves by turning the local beer scene on its head, I have been in awe. So a wild Ale re-fermented with Tyrrells Semillon, was a must on release. The integration here is superb, and whilst both show their colours, at the same time feel like they are supposed to be together. Semillon aromatics give off lemon rind and floral tones whilst the palate is fresh vibrant with a little texture and the acidity of both just cleanse the back palate so nicely.

The wine industry runs on beer so this just makes sense, right? I am a big fan of a wedge in amongst a wine dinner so I think this will freshen things up perfectly post mains. Lean back into your chair, undo the top button, have a breather and freshen up the palate here.”

Henriques & Henriques Rainwater Medium Dry NV

“It is a real shame to see cheese not considered a ritual of dining in Australia but for those of us who appreciate a little wedge and cracker after dinner, we know that pairing a selection is not as easy as restaurateurs can sometimes expect. This however is a love of mine and one of the wine world’s best kept secrets. Madeira is, for the money, just about the best way you can spend your dollars. Like sherry, it offers an abundance of complexity yet seems to slip past peoples glasses. A drink for anytime but I love how vibrant and fresh this is, sugar up front, dry out back, roasted nuts and citrus zest to allow it to work with a mix of both sweets and cheese.”

Sundays Whisky 750ml

After a day of talking about wine, it is more common for me to come home to a Whisky to mellow the mood. However a love of Whisky also means a desire to find new things. The recent arrival of Sundays into the country delivers the perfect addition to the cabinet. Designed as an everyday whisky, malt and grain and aged for at least 3 years. The perfect session whisky we have needed. Premium in nature but versatile enough to sip on straight, stir up short or top it high to impress your friends with the new kid on the block.

Disco playlist, dim lighting and the best way to recover from a big meal is to get moving! Fireplace and a comfy chair with this also sound nice.”