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Welcome To Vino Happy Land

While Piedmont or Tuscany are arguably the more famous of Italy’s wine regions, many Italians are fond of saying that you haven’t really experienced Italy until you’ve travelled south of Rome.

Challenge accepted, Italy – if only via our drinking vessel.

For wine connoisseurs and foodies alike, the south-western region of Campania is an oft-overlooked treasure trove, sitting at the shin of Italy’s famous boot.

Famed for the best Italian fare centring around its iconic Napoli sauce, its capital Naples is a must-visit for pizza addicts. Settle in with a big slice of la pizza Margherita in your left hand, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to filling that glass on your right.

The origins of its name come from the latin Campania felix – loosely translatimg to happy land – not a big stretch for lovers of hearty Aglianico, and textural whites like Fiano and Falanghina.

Winemaking history here runs deep – arguably back to the ancient Greeks, with many of these varieties still reigning supreme, and modern producers seeking to create contemporary wines that break those historical moulds.

Boot-Scootin' Terrain

When it comes to southern reds, you can’t look past Aglianico. A land of relentless sunshine, its mild winters and dry hot summers allow the super late-ripener to develop flavour to the extent that it just can’t achieve any further south.

Campania does the rustic power of Aglianico justice, both within its small DOCs (including Taurasi and Aglianico del Taburno) and without. Grown to maximise those meatier, savoury characteristics and dark red fruit, the weight and tannin of these wines along with an acid structure that just won’t quit sets them up as ideal cellaring wines.

Coupled with the altitude of the Apennine Mountains, cooling Mediterranean coastal breezes and volcanic soils, there’s a huge natural opportunity for an array of wines across the region. Most typically, wines of intense flavour, encouraging you to dance from naturally honeyed Falanghina to nutty Fiano.

Wines of Wide Appeal

These producers know just how lucky they are to be custodians of this heavily nuanced terrain – and boy do they put their fruit to work. Notable producers include Salvatore Moliettieri, master of deep, brooding Aglianico, while Ciro Picariello is offering up traditional Fiano loaded with heady flinty, smoky notes that stop us in our tracks.

Cantina Giardino’s uses traditional Siciian chestnut casks to bring out the most lively volcanic personality from his lofty Benevento site on the hills of Mount Taburno, while Petilia’s brother sister duo are stealing hearts with their refreshing take on Falanghina. Keep talking, Campania – we’re all ears.